100 days to total transformation


Hypnotherapy And Life Coaching To Rework Your Subconscious Mind 

Are you feeling stuck but not sure of why or how to get out of it?

Take this fun short quiz to find your default subconscious mindset and tips for overcoming some limiting beliefs.

Do you have a sinking feeling that no matter how much you do, it is never enough? Or right? 

or you are overwhelmed and anxious all the freaking time? 

You already know what you “should do” (be more organized, eat fewer Oreos, stop after one glass, start exercising, ask for a raise, get more sleep, etc., etc.), but you have been unable to stick with your unstated “plan.”  

Are you making your life smaller and smaller because you are too anxious to “get out there”? 

What if you did not have to live this way?

What if reworking your conscious and subconscious mind changes everything?  

You Can Heal Your Life With The Combined Power Of Hypnotherapy And Life Coaching!

Devote 100 days to learning the tools that will free you from what’s holding you back and help you create a life you absolutely love!

Inner Freedom Therapy’s 100 days to Total Transformation –

A Customized Program Using Hypnotherapy, Mindfulness, And Life Coaching Designed To:

  1. Rework your subconscious

    and melt away your mental blocks with customized sessions to help with physical ailments and pain without medications or medical procedures

  2. Reframe your formative years and experiences

    so that you are empowered rather than injured, Heal trauma from your past

  3. Create new habits

    Instil tools to break bad habits and create new ones in a deliberate and measured way

  1. Quiet your internal critic

    Quiet down the constant worrying and future catastrophizing – and learn to be kind to yourself!

  2. Get organized!

    Create more focus and time to actually enjoy life. Learn the art of creating and keeping a calendar so that you can get more stuff done than you thought was possible

  3. Strengthen your relationships

    with your partner, your kids, your family, your friends, your co-workers

  4. Stop people-pleasing,

    stop saying “yes” to everything, and learn how to set boundaries

After working with Elaine, her clients have: 

  • lost weight,
  • quit smoking,
  • drank less,
  • enjoyed traveling,
  • melted away pain syndromes,
  • felt more comfortable in their bodies,
  • had closure around painful memories,
  • strengthened relationships with their partners,
  • became brave enough to leave bad relationships,
  • set boundaries,
  • got licensed in their field and landed new jobs,
  • tripled their business income


Elaine Goldhammer, MD

Certified Life Coach, Rapid Transformational Therapist, Board Certified Physician

“I know what it feels like to be burned out, anxious, and never, ever being enough.”

Elaine takes everything she knows from practicing western internal medicine for over twenty years, combines it with all she has experienced and mastered from the mindfulness, coaching, and hypnotherapy realms, and uses it to help her clients reach the next level.  

Elaine is a compassionate listener, a pragmatic observer, and offers honest guidance. 

She uses coaching and hypnotherapy in a profound, science-based, and caring way. 

Like medicine, there is a system and a technique that she uses to help each client. 

Like practicing medicine, there is always growth, new ideas, and exercises she incorporates to help her clients in their lives and in areas of their lives that matter the most to them.  

She is trusted by her medical colleagues and is the “go-to” hypnotherapist in the West Chester, PA, medical and therapist community.   

She uses the disciplines of coaching and hypnotherapy because they work. 

She has helped 100s of clients reach places in their lives that they did not think were possible. 

Elaine feels honored to work with every client and is ready to see what is possible for you.  



Dr. Goldhammer is a gift. I intended to use the hypnosis session to quit smoking. The whole experience was so much more than that.

I quit smoking, but so much more happened. I felt like I released a ton of suppressed emotions. I came out of the experience so much lighter, clearer, and less judgmental of myself. I truly felt like weight was lifted off of me.

Dr. Goldhammer is kind, incredibly wise, and so easy to talk to. The session was so much more than I expected, I felt a major shift that continues to have an incredibly positive influence on my life. I could not recommend more! Ellen

I was looking into hypnotherapy for help with weight loss and other issues, and the description of Elaine’s practice from her website made me think she could help. In addition, being a medical doctor in addition to a therapist seemed like a great combination.

I felt very comfortable with the process,  – both the intake and written information given after the intake left me with no questions about the process.

The hypnotherapy helped me see sources of past trauma and “releasing” their hold on me, I feel helped me get away over the blocks that shaped my past.

Her method of Life Coaching involves breaking everything down into causes and effects, then reframing the cause to result in a different effect was extremely useful for me.

My goals were to lose weight, be healthier in general and to deal with overwhelm in work and home. I feel I made incredible progress in just a short time.

Everyone is different, but I was very surprised at how quickly my therapy goals became a reality. The progress I made after a short time of therapy is amazing.

I would recommend this therapy to anyone who wants to transform themselves to meet any goal they have in life.


Steps to Total Transformation

Elaine Goldhammer MD

1. Schedule a Call

Meet Elaine and explore your goals with a complimentary discovery call.  

Schedule your call now – click here

Elaine Goldhammer MD

2. Your First Session

  • Your first session will be a 2-hour-long session where we will have a Rapid Transformation Therapy session, with counseling and hypnotherapy.
  • You will receive a take-home recording with healing messages for your subconscious brain.  It will be 14 to 20 minutes long, and you will listen to it before bed each night.
Elaine Goldhammer MD

3. Your Follow Up Sessions

  •  You will receive weekly follow-up life coaching sessions that last about 45 minutes.   
  • In between sessions, you may get worksheets and homework to pursue so that you are working on your thinking for at least 5-10 minutes daily. 
  • We may repeat hypnotherapy to continue re-directing your subconscious in a way that serves you.
Elaine Goldhammer MD

4. Achieve your goals!

  • In 100 days, you will feel better, reach specific goals, and most importantly, raise your life and your confidence in yourself to new levels.  
  • All sessions are available at the West Chester, PA office or on Zoom 

There is no better time than NOW to upgrade your brain

Have you ever honestly invested in yourself?

Sure, you have splurged on vacations or dinners out, spent a ton of money on education, indulged in wine, pot, clothes, or whatever fills the void, but you never spent time or money investing in your brain. Stop and consider: how we think and feel is everything, yet we never are taught how to think and feel on purpose.   

Spend 100 days with the Total Transformation program to engage in the tools that will get you to a better relationship with yourself and learn to enjoy your creative projects, your partner, your family, your friends, and your alone time.  


A vacation is not going to fix your burn-out. A 4-day cruise or even a month in Italy will not settle your overthinking, overworking, exhausted brain.  


One Hundred Days of Total Transformation will settle down that brain, get you out of the worry cycles, heal from past trauma, focus your mind, and help you find out who you are and what you want.   

The beauty of working with both your subconscious and conscious brain is that you will turbo-boost your progress faster than typical therapy can provide.  

How it works:


Each program is one on one, thus fully customized to your needs.

By using the life coaching and hypnotherapy tools, we dig into your brain’s past, present and future. 

take a break

Your Past –

Hypnotherapy via Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT)  is a lovely, relaxing way to break away from old, disempowering beliefs holding you back. 

Growing up was hard, but it no longer needs to hold you back.  RTT cleans all that old pain up.  

Your Present –

Your present self is all you have.

So many of us live in our past, reliving conversations, painful memories, and regrets over and over.

Or, many of us have the “worry brain”  and rehearse future catastrophes in a million different disastrous outcomes. (not fun)  

The beauty of learning how to practice mindfulness is the reminder that life is happening NOW.

The present moment is where you will find all the joy.  You will engage in mindfulness through home meditation recordings, journaling, and easy breathing exercises.  

Your Future –

Imagine intentionally creating a future you love.

Learn the skills and techniques to create a future version of yourself that starts with intention.

You will learn how to do this with coaching, worksheets, hypnotherapy, and journaling.  

Building your future self is the fun part of coaching. During your 100 days, you will take steps to create new habits, projects, and ideas that excite you and learn the skill to make them happen.

Program Investment for Total Transformation


Payment plans available.

Start by simply booking a free consultation so we can discuss if this is the right program for you.

100 Days to Total Transformation 

Rework Your Subconscious Mind
With Hypnotherapy And Life Coaching

Show your brain some healing love, re-energize it, and start creating the life you want.

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