The emotion of hope feels good.   Let’s all stop, take a deep breath, and feel it in your bodies.  Feel the exhale,  the release, the lightening sensation of hope.  The most fantastic thing we didn’t realize how much tension we were holding in our bodies until we breathed in hope. I will take this incredible emotion on any day of the week. It feels healthy. It must be healthy.

Emotions live in our bodies, thanks to our beautiful brains, neurons, and neurochemicals.   It is a mistake to think that our brain stops at the skull base; every cell within us lives as part of the nervous system. 

I always teach that every emotion starts with a thought, whether conscious or subconscious thought. It is odd to think about it, but hope was always available to us, even before the election results came in.  We need to consider a thought (and believe it) that percolates the feeling of hope.  Now that I am in the emotion of hope, I came up with a few thoughts I can repeat on purpose: “Things will get better,” “I can always be a part of the solution,”  “If I approach this from a place of love I will always move forward.” 

No matter what life’s circumstances offer, I can always choose to think those thoughts and live with them in my body.  

Blossoming the brain’s thoughts and emotions is why I love my unique therapy practice: with Inner Freedom Therapy, we quickly get to the source of our thoughts and feelings.  In hypnotherapy, we tap right into that spot of the emotional brain, and with life coaching, we dive into the thought work that helps us navigate through life.  We all need the help that gets us to maturity to face the good and the bad, the 50/50, the yin, and the yang of life.  

I noticed my friends were holding back on hope before the election as if it would be too painful to have hope, hold back to “protect” our brains from disappointment.  But honestly, I want to encourage everyone to embrace that human experience fully.  Try to stop holding back. I know that you can handle the body’s sensation of disappointment. I know you can retake uncertainty. It was the resistance of uncertainty that is so exhausting.  Nothing was ever certain, and though our brains love certainty, it is always a fallacy to have certainty.    It is all vibrations in our body that we will make it through.  You have to be willing to feel negative, to feel positive.  Life is that pull on both poles of the magnet.  

I am not sure of anything, but I am choosing to believe that life is lovely, and I am choosing to believe that there is so much more to repair.  Finally, I am choosing to believe that we can all embrace the crap that the world delivers and work to repair from a place that cares for each other is not a sign of weakness but the only choice that makes sense.  Come and join me in these beliefs; they feel so good. 

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