When my doctor recommended hypnotherapy I was highly skeptical.

I was frightened at the thought of hypnosis, but the chronic diarrhea I was experiencing was escalating and I was feeling desperate for help.

At the hypnosis treatment I felt like I was just sitting in a chair talking with Dr. Goldhammer and assumed nothing was happening.

Over the next few weeks I noticed that the chronic diarrhea I had experienced all my life was clearing up.

In the two years since the treatment I have remained diarrhea-free.


As a fellow physician, I have had the pleasure to work with Dr. Goldhammer for over 10 years. I have always respected her knowledge and the care she has provided her patients.  I was intrigued when she informed me of her new practice and, before recommending hypnosis to my own patients, I was curious to try it myself.  
I have had an embarrassing habit of nail biting for as long as I can remember.  I did not like the fact that my hands looked unprofessional and was self-conscious of their appearance.  Despite many attempts to overcome this habit, I failed.  I consider myself very self motivated and was disappointed that I could not control this habit.  This is the problem that I asked Dr. Goldhammer to help me solve.  

I really didn’t know what to expect prior to my visit.  During my session and for many hours afterwards, I felt very relaxed. There was never a point where I felt I was not in control of myself.  I enjoyed the time spent in self reflection.  After the visit I thought, if nothing else, it was a very welcome change from my daily routine. However, a curious thing happened.  I noticed that the desire to partake in my old habit was no longer there.  I don’t want to give the impression that there was something magical that happened.  It is just that there was a definite shift in my thinking which once and for all, helped me overcome this habit.  

It is very liberating to be able to keep my hands on the table during meetings and not worry about their appearance while examining patients.  I am very grateful to Dr. Goldhammer for her help and am so happy that Chester County has such a thoughtful and talented physician caring for patients here.  



Dr. Goldhammer is a gift. I intended to use the hypnosis session to quit smoking. The whole experience was so much more than that. I quit smoking, but so much more happened. I felt like I released a ton of suppressed emotions. I came out of the experience so much lighter,  clearer, and less judgmental of myself. I truly felt like weight was lifted off of me. Dr. Goldhammer is kind, incredibly wise, and so easy to talk to.  The session was so much more than I expected, I felt a major shift that continues to have an incredibly positive influence on my life. I could not recommend more!


I worked with Dr. Goldhammer for hypnosis, and seeked her out again for life coaching. I just cannot recommend working with Dr Elaine more!! I have done a ton of work on myself, consider myself a pretty aware person, and yet she always has incredible insight, and can see my blind spots. I always feel clearer, more grounded, and solid in any previous issues or decisions I struggled with post session. Working with Elaine is an invaluable form of mental  hygiene. I am beyond thankful to have found her. 


I have had wonderful experiences in the past with guided meditation/hypnosis and I had been looking for a local person who could help me finally quit the habit of off and on again smoking. Most of my experiences with guided meditations were at Canyon Ranch, which is great but incredible expensive, impersonal and brief. But Inner Freedom Therapy is completely the opposite.

Before you sign up for a session, Dr. Goldhammer sends you information about your visit and what to expect, and asks you questions about what you would like to achieve. You speak with her prior to the visit, and immediately feel comfortable! I was not used to such personalized attention. During the session, we talked for a little bit, then moved into a hypnosis/guided meditation where I was always in control, just in a more relaxed state. It was extremely enjoyable and remarkably enlightening. Hard for me to explain exactly, but the dreamlike journey allowed me to see certain things in different ways that enabled me to free myself from certain negative thoughts and actions (like smoking). Once the session finished, we said goodbye and she said she’d follow up. I did not actually expect her to do so – but not only did she call and ask if we should talk again to see how I felt, she also sent me a recording so I could continue the relaxation work with the accompanying positive words. What a remarkable experience and what a lovely person! She has so much integrity and compassion, and clearly loves what she does. Starting up Inner Freedom Therapy is quite a brave leap for someone who had been a highly successful physician for many years, and I wish her all the very best. I haven’t smoked since I had my session, which was the goal, but along with that I gained important insight and a sense of clarity that I am very grateful for. She is terrific!


At first, I was hesitant. I didn’t believe that after years of constant migraines the cure could be as simple as getting hypnotherapy. Yet, after only 1 treatment, I went from getting migraines on a daily basis to only getting them every other month, sometimes even less frequently than that. It changed my life and I mean this with all sincerity. I finally got my life back.


One session with Dr. Goldhammer has a large positive impact in my life. After surgery left me with permanent nerve damage, I have had nerve pain that has been very disruptive to my life for the past two years. I went to Elaine with no expectations, and healthy skepticism, but desperate enough to try anything. We spoke on the phone about my issue, we had one session in her office during which she recorded a 16min audio file for me to listen to daily for 21 days. I didn’t entirely know what to expect. The session was a relaxing and unusual experience. Listening to the recording afterwards almost never fails to leave me in a deeply relaxed state. My experience of the pain was significantly changed. It did not eliminate it, nor did I expect it to, but after the session and listening to the recording for a few weeks I would say that through some combination of the pain actually being less and me being less triggered emotionally by it, the disruption to my life was reduced by about half, maybe a little more. That is more than I had dared hope for. And I love that there is no selling, no upselling, no message that I need to keep coming back over and over – one time in and out. We had a brief followup call, but there was not much to say other than thank you.

I waited a few months to write this review to make sure the results seemed to last. They have so far. I am hoping to ultimately reduce my current reliance on medication (that has short term and may have long term side effects that I don’t want).

At some point, I’d like to try rapid transformational therapy to help with other aspects of my life. I think it would most obviously be effective for breaking bad habits and establishing good habits. My understanding is that it helps you access your subconscious mind, remove barriers holding you back, and create new, healthier “wiring” that can have big impacts on behavior and experience in life.

Dr. Goldhammer was a physician with a regular practice for many years who wanted to help people in more holistic ways. Almost all medical doctors are only trained to and capable of treating symptoms and are not able to take into account the emotional and psychological aspects of illness and pain, which cannot truly be separated from the physical the way that our (amazing in so many ways) western medical science tries to do.

I am grateful to have found Dr. Goldhammer. I wish more people knew that this therapy is out there and how it might help them.


I am trying to temper my excitement.  After seeing you, I did sleep through the night for the first time in months. No waking at 3:00 AM.  This was the best weekend that I have had in probably 6 months.  I felt strong and did not feel fatigued. I got so many project done and loved doing each one. I had little or no time for Bob (the name we gave to his anxiety).

Is it the sleep apnea machine kicking in or was it your magic touch?  All I know is that this is the best improvement I have had in a year.  My wife was somewhat skeptical of our procedure now she want me to see you more often.


Elaine provides a very safe and secure environment to help guide you through an incredibly insightful personal experience. I have received training in meditation from various healing practitioners over the years and the hypnotherapy enabled me to access memories of some significant life experiences in my subconscious mind that nothing else had ever revealed. This experience has been very beneficial to me and continues to help me overcome some obstacles that have held me back from reaching my full potential. I highly recommend this to anyone looking to gain a deeper understanding of themselves.


Why I chose RTT: For the past 20 years I have suffered from intense all-over-body vibrating nerve pain.  I have been searching for years to find answers.  I have seen every type of specialist and have spent large amounts of money on therapists, spiritual and holistic methods in hopes of finding a diagnosis.  But, as far as the medical field was concerned, I was a healthy, mid-aged adult with no concerning health issues.  When I heard about Rapid Transformation Therapy (RTT) and how Dr. Goldhammer was helping to transform peoples’ lives, I believed that RTT was a step towards resolving my body pain.  Over the past year, I have had three sessions with Dr. Goldhammer.  It has been life-changing; RTT has had a profound impact on every part of my life.  I started with working to heal severe childhood and young adult traumas, helping to identify those that had hurt me, then giving myself the power to resolve deep rooted resentment and start the healing process of these emotional scars.  With these two sessions, I began to feel secure and safe when out in public, and more open within my circle of friends and family life.  However, it was the third session that has had the most impact on my well-being.  Not only did this RTT session physically speed up the healing process of a torn Achilles tendon and dissolve a number of bone spurs – my pediatrist couldn’t believe how fast I was healing – but this session helped me to foster a feeling of inner peace.  I’m able to relax and let go of fight or flight stressors.  I care more about how I feel and less focused on what I project other people to be thinking.  I’ve lost weight because I no longer feel the need to suppress emotions with unhealthy foods that make me “feel good”.  I’m keeping myself in the present and these positive emotions are chipping away decades of toxic stress overload.  Is my vibrating body pain completely gone?  Unfortunately not, but there is a significant drop in inflammation and stiffness levels.  I still have more work to do and I’m looking forward to future sessions with Dr. Goldhammer, but for now, I’m enjoying this new me, which I never would have discovered if it were not for RTT and the guidance of Dr. Goldhammer.

About Dr. Elaine Goldhammer:  Dr. Goldhammer was respectful, kind, empathetic and professional. Her calm voice during the guided meditation put me at ease, allowing me the freedom to open up and unlock things that were buried, so deep, to effortlessly come to the surface, where I could watch memories play through without any emotional charge or judgement.  Her verbal guidance was precise as she knew exactly where to focus healing intent and pinpoint specific moments that needed resolution. I trust Dr. Goldhammer and the RTT process.

Why you should choose RTT:  If you are looking to make a significant, positive impact in your life, or want to find answers to questions you can’t seem to resolve consciously, or through therapy and medication, then RTT is probably for you.  It is a painless, non-invasive and completely calm process to help identify struggles and find the answers you are searching for or uncover hidden stressors you didn’t know existed.  It starts with a two hour session, followed on your own time with 20 minutes everyday for 21 days.  You have to live these minutes, hours and days anyway, so why not do something that benefits your health and your well-being.    – NY, 06/2019


I had a therapy session with Elaine about two weeks ago. I read the website before I decided to book the visit and still wasn’t sure what to expect or how things would go. I didn’t even know if I would be “hipnotizable”. However, after the first visit I felt almost instant remediation for my issue. Elaine emailed me a recording so that I could self-hipnotize at home and I listened to if for about a week. I honestly didn’t need the extra home-sessions after the one that we had in her office.

I could tell that Elaine is very passionate about her job, she takes it seriously and is genuinely interested in her patients. We had a phone conversation the day after the therapy to see how things were and I confirmed to her that I was feeling great.

Lastly, her office is very small but cozy. It is located in a beautiful victorian office building. My session was on a Saturday and the building was virtually empty and quiet, which was nice. I don’t know what it would be like on a weekday during office hours.

All in all, I am glad I worked with Elaine and I hope she continues her practice because I think many people can benefit from it.


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