Terms & Conditions


Although Dr. Elaine Goldhammer is a licensed physician she is not practicing as an internist with traditional western medicine while providing hypnotherapy.  This therapy is not intended to diagnose or replace standard medical treatment. Dr. Goldhammer will not prescribe medications, medical tests or procedures while in the role as your RTT therapist.  This therapy is in no way intended to replace medical treatment.  If you feel you need to make any changes to your prescribed testing, procedures or medications please consult with your prescribing physician first.

All information discussed during the session and any exchange of information related to the therapy sessions is completely confidential and will not be shared with any third parties, people or other agencies. The only exception will be if there are revelations of abuse.  Pennsylvania has mandatory reporting laws and if there is evidence of recent child abuse or elder abuse revealed during the session this will be reported to appropriate protection agencies.

You should not receive hypnotherapy if you have a seizure disorder or a history of psychosis. 

Cost of this therapy is not covered by insurance and payment in full is expected prior to a session occurring. No refunds are offered.

Results of this therapy has the potential to change lives for the better and permanently,  but not everyone has results immediately.  Some people take weeks or months to see results and some may need more than one session but never more than 3 sessions.  Constructive feedback and dialogue with Dr. Goldhammer is essential for the process to work and grow and improve thus strongly encouraged.

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