The best way to quit smoking in West Chester PA and beyond



Have you quit before? … But then life happened and you just went back? You remember exactly when it was that you picked up that cigarette and started again. You have questioned whether you even have the energy to try this again. On the other hand, you know it is finally time to quit. You have tried nicotine replacement, you tried sheer willpower, and you probably tried some unconventional tricks, but it hasn’t worked at least not for more than a few days.

If you’ve attempted to quit smoking, you have probably realized that Nicotine Replacement Therapy products just make it worse.
• NRT keeps you physically and mentally attached to nicotine
• NRT doesn’t stop the cravings and withdrawal symptoms
• NRT can be just as habit forming as smoking

Unlike hypnosis, NRT products, which are intended to wean the smoker off of cigarettes, actually makes quitting much harder. NRT products are basically nicotine gum, nicotine pills, nicotine sprays and nicotine patches, and what do they all have in common? They all contain nicotine!

So, the idea is for smokers to be able to get their nicotine hit without smoking cigarettes… but psychologically, they still feel like they want a cigarette. NRT simply reinforces the feeing.

Many smokers trying to quit this way end up using both Nicotine Replacement Therapy products and cigarettes, so the whole process fails. Elaine Goldhammer’s hypnotherapy in West Chester PA relies purely on the way a smoker thinks about smoking.

By simply reprogramming the mind, the smoking habit can easily be busted. It is proven to work and is 3 times more effective than NRT products.

You are finally ready to do something different and quit smoking for good. Inner Freedom Therapy is easy, painless and is a total life changer.

Understanding hypnotherapy for smoking cessation
Hypnotherapy is powerful and effective. It is the best way to quit smoking. Dr Goldhammer has helped people from all walks of life; From truck drivers, retired school teachers, business executives, and young students. They have all been gently guided and have successfully quit.

Most of her clients have never been under hypnosis for smoking cessation or anything else before, and many are surprised by how easily they participated. When her clients walk out of their sessions they feel energized, hopeful and empowered to take back control of their lives.

The key to successful change is that this process talks to both the conscious and the subconscious mind. Most smokers want to quit, but part of their mind really likes to smoke. Smoking feels calming, reassuring, soothing. This pleasant association comes from the subconscious mind. The subconscious does not talk directly to us and it tends to express itself in self destructive ways. This is why it feels so hard to quit. Logic and persuasion just doesn’t work.

The reason hypnotherapy to quit smoking works so well is that it speaks directly to the subconscious brain. This conversation with the subconscious is nearly impossible to do with talk therapy but it is very easy to do with hypnosis.

The IFT package includes Life Coaching. Life coaching is an essential part to the “quit smoking process” as it sets your thinking in a way that creates permanent change.

This may sound simple but the mind can believe anything it wants to believe. Imagine believing that you truly do not want or need to smoke… then you will easily stop smoking. Imagine truly being a non-smoker. Non-smokers never actually think about smoking, they never miss smoking, they don’t sit around resisting the urge to smoke. No, smoking isn’t even part of their thoughts. Imagine that possibility for yourself.
Join this program and get to that place, that freedom from evening thinking about cigarettes.
Reap the benefits of smoking cessation now!

  1. Sharper Hearing
  2. Better Vision
  3. Better breath
  4. Clearer Skin
  5. Healthier Heart
  6. Better blood flow to your legs
  7. Improved lung health
  8. Greater resistance to colds and pneumonia
  9. Lower Cancer Risk
  10. Better Sex
  11. Better blood flow means better Healing
  12. Stronger Immune System
  13. Stronger Muscles
  14. Stronger Bones

20 minutes after you stop smoking, you’ll notice
● Blood pressure decreases
● Pulse rate normalizes
● Hands and feet may feel warmer

8 hours after you stop smoking
● Nicotine levels in blood reduce by half.
● Carbon monoxide levels in blood return to normal.
● Oxygen levels in blood return to normal.

After 24 Hours
● Cilia in the lungs start to clean out the tar in mucus.
● Chances of a heart attack begin to decrease.

After 2 Days
● Nicotine is eliminated from the body.
● Damaged nerve endings start to re-grow.
● Senses of taste and smell are greatly improved.

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