Quit Smoking Forever


Retrain your brain to no longer desire cigarettes with the elegant magic of hypnotherapy.

Become a non-smoker.

Not smoking is the easy part.

With this program you will learn how to think and feel differently about smoking.

With hypnotherapy, you will retrain your brain to leave that person who used to smoke behind you. 

That’s right.  Learn to feel and think like a non-smoker.

The ‘Quit Smoking Forever’ Program includes:

  • Easy Group learning with individualized support 
  • In-person learning in West Chester, PA
  • Hypnotherapy with every session
  • Take home recordings
  • Concrete Steps to take to retrain your brain
  • Learn how to undo the desire for cigarettes

  • Learn the techniques to deal with life’s stresses without the cigarettes

About Elaine Goldhammer, MD

Certified Life Coach, Rapid Transformational Therapist, Board Certified Physician

Elaine is a compassionate, dedicated physician whose programs help people change their habits.

Before she created these programs, she practiced hospital medicine for adults for over 20 years.

After years of experience in modern medicine, Elaine understands that pills and instructions do not lead to good health. It takes a mindset shift. Humans create health by self-love and good habits.

Her program is a “non-shame/ no judgment zone” dedicated to helping clients reach their goals while guiding their conscious and subconscious brains into new empowering thought patterns.

As the leading hypnotherapist and life coach in West Chester, PA, she wants to share these powerful techniques with her community and all of those that want to quit smoking.

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Find the right solution for you

Not sure if you want the one-on-one program or the small group class? 

If you are dealing with several complexities in your life, then the Inner Freedom Package that customizes your one-on-one work with Elaine may be better for you.

If this sounds like you, then book a consult call to discuss your struggles and your goals. 


Become smoke free for life

This program,  hands down, is the most comprehensive, most effective class that will help you quit smoking forever. 

And it is being brought to you right here in West Chester, PA. Places are limited to 15.

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Find Freedom

Let’s do this.

Grab this opportunity to be kind to yourself.  Now is a great time!

Smell better 

Clear all that mental space that is occupied by the habit. 

Make your family proud. 

Do something hard, then apply these skills to reach your next life goals.


Will this work for me?

This program NOT working for you is not an option.  Most of Elaine’s clients can quit within the first 1-3 weeks of taking this program.  If you are determined and dedicated to the work, then quitting smoking will be easy and a more profound, more pleasant experience than you imagine.  

What if I am not hypnotizable?

Unless you have dementia,  a severe psychiatric disorder, or severe skepticism, the format of the hypnotherapy, called RTT,  is very effective, relaxing, and enjoyable for everyone who participates.  

What is the success rate?

We will not stop working together until you reach your goal, so 100%.  If there is a relapse within one year,  you will receive a private session at no extra cost. 

What about medications?

Although Elaine is a licensed physician, she does not prescribe medications with her hypnotherapy practice. This program works well for clients who are on no medications and for clients who are on medication.  She will leave the prescribing decisions between you and your doctor.  

What is the COVID policy?

Since we will be in a group setting, you must be fully vaccinated to take this class.  If you have any symptoms, you will need to stay home and attend the course by zoom instead.  

What if I cannot make all three classes?

You need to take all three classes.  You will also have worksheets and homework.  Showing up fully for all three classes is an integral part of the course and a way to practice showing up fully for yourself. If you cannot attend all 3, then either reschedule for the following month or sign up for the one-to-one coaching program with Elaine so that you can customize your program together.  

How is this program different from the One to One program?

Both programs include hypnotherapy and coaching and are highly effective.  The One to One program is more personalized and tailored and is more expensive. 


Dr. Goldhammer is a gift. I intended to use the hypnosis session to quit smoking. The whole experience was so much more than that.

I quit smoking, but so much more happened. I felt like I released a ton of suppressed emotions. I came out of the experience so much lighter, clearer, and less judgmental of myself. I truly felt like weight was lifted off of me.

Mick A.

Dr. Goldhammer is kind, incredibly wise, and so easy to talk to. The session was so much more than I expected, I felt a major shift that continues to have an incredibly positive influence on my life. I could not recommend more! Ellen


I smoked cigarettes for over 50 years. I haven’t touched a cigarette since my first session with Dr. Goldhammer. If you are ready to stop smoking, I highly recommend Dr. Goldhammer to help you.

Patricia Oswald

Not smoking is the easy part.  Learning how to think and feel differently about smoking is a skill that anyone can learn with guidance and a little effort.

Elaine Goldhammer

Certified Life Coach, Rapid Transformational Therapist, Board Certified Physician

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