The People Pleaser Brain

You live to make other people happy, so they like you. 

You seek validation from others, and you lose yourself.

You don’t know who you are. 

people pleaser

Freedom from being a People Pleaser: Start saying “No” 

You have managed to train the people around you to always ask you for things first because you are an easy sell. 

Be willing to start saying “no”  it may be uncomfortable at first, but after your first few tries, it gets easier and becomes fun and freeing.

How Hypnotherapy/Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) can help:

If you were raised feeling like you needed to walk on eggshells around a parent or caregiver, you learned early on how to please people. 

RTT heals these wounds and builds that sense of “self.”

In addition, RTT will teach your subconscious that it is already worthy and does not need to seek validation outside of itself.  


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