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Introductory Complimentary Consultation 

Talk directly to Elaine and discuss your goals and find the best fit


Inner Freedom Program

IFT offers a life-changing program that releases your physical symptoms from your body and is a doorway to help you get back into your life with  confidence, and excitement. This package includes a 2 hour Rapid Transformational Therapy Session, a customized 15-minute take-home recording, and 3 weekly 1 hour follow up  Life Coaching sessions scheduled at your convenience.   The full program typically takes 6 weeks to complete.  Dr. Goldhammer is there for you every step of the way.  Like anything else in life, the more you engage and participate in this program, the more successful it will be.  The hypnotherapy and the Coaching by can be done by phone, Zoom or in-person.  We can adjust to what is most comfortable for you.   The in-person office is a cozy, COVID safe space in West Chester PA. 

If you and/or your doctor feel that treating your anxiety will help you reduce your physical symptoms, you are in the right place.  Just schedule a free consult call to discuss.   

Quit Smoking Forever Program

This unique combination of hypnotherapy and life coaching, re-wires our brain so you can quit smoking forever.  It Includes 2-hour Rapid Transformational Therapy Sessions and 3 additional 1 hour Life Coaching sessions.  This program is ideal for smokers who have tried to quit the habit with nicotine replacement therapy, medications, or cold turkey, many times but drifted back into the habit.

Elaine offers the IFT program in West Chester PA and around the world.  No matter where you live, you can be coached or guided through hypnotherapy with the magic of internet video conferencing.


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