A solution for the brain in conflict.

Let’s face it, all migraine types are a miserable experience.  Migraines are not just headaches but total body experiences that can shut down your life for hours, days, sometimes weeks. Have you adjusted your life around avoiding migraine triggers?  How many days of work, parties, family events have you missed?  How many friendships have you lost? What could you have accomplished in the world if it were not for the headaches? How many times have you pushed through and lived life even while you were in pain? You may have Googled “home remedies for migraines” for a natural and convenient solution. Or, you might hope that there are alternative migraine treatments out there. Are you ready to find a solution that finally works without the side effects of migraine medications? 

Migraine hypnosis works.  It often works better than the migraine medications and better yet, no side effects.  

Imagine being free of your chronic migraines. By working with the subconscious and the conscious mind through hypnotherapy, you will get to the emotional root and the physical root of the pain.  This is not hocus-pocus, there is actual science behind it as well as a strong track record of success.  You will be amazed that by relaxing the over- thinking brain, getting to the memory and source of the pain, and releasing it changes everything.  You will have 2 hours just focused on you.  Then in follow up sessions you will work on the conscious thinking part of the brain that will adjust your mind, your thinking in a way that you learn how to feel better, how to face stress and how to approach life with a new sense of calm and ease that you didn’t think was possible. Practicing mindfulness plus this alternative migraine treatment therapy, works in conjunction with regular medical care, thus you do not need to stop your medications and can continue to see your neurologist or family doctor while you undergo this treatment.  

Elaine has treated clients who were avoiding the sun, yes avoiding sunlight – as it can be one of the many migraine triggers!  After just one hypnotherapy session one particular client was able to open the shades in her bedroom for the first time, take a hike outside, and start to focus on her future.  Another client was missing school, she was worried about even graduating high school due to so many headaches. She tried several home remedies for migraines – anything she could think of! After going through Elaine’s hypnotherapy and life coaching program for migraines, she was able to enter back into her senior year, finishing high school with honors. 

 With Inner Freedom Therapy in West Chester, you will actually learn  let go of a life of pain, a life of avoiding, suppressing, and distracting – and enter a life you were meant to live, enter a life where you  feel normal, where you interact better with your friends, teachers, you kids, with your spouse. Start living a life where mindfulness is practiced, where you are more present and at peace. 

If you suffer from migraines – call now for a FREE consultation! In person consultations are available in West Chester PA.  If you don’t live close by, video internet consultation from anywhere in the world is available.