“Though I love practicing medicine, there are many frustrations and limitations that ignore the holistic side of the human experience. Unfortunately, in American medicine we often prescribe pills that only tamp down symptoms and do not treat the root cause of the illness. Pharmaceuticals, while extremely important and healing, can also have side effects and can flatten life’s full potential. The failure of most pills and most doctor visits, is that they are not treating the emotional root of the physical pain. Most illnesses are at least partly embedded in our emotional states but physicians simply do not have the tools, training or techniques to treat the emotional roots. People of course want release from emotional and physical pain quickly. The beauty of Hypnosis and Rapid Transformational Therapy combined with life coaching is that it speaks directly  to the emotional core of suffering, and with skilled guidance it sets you free. How fantastic is that? Inner Freedom therapy frees lives without pills or surgery. If I can free clients of suffering then I am truly fulfilling my duty as a physician.”

Elaine Goldhammer MD, health coach

1989 BS in Psychology and minor in Biology,  Cum Laude University of Rochester

1994 Medical Degree Jefferson Medical College

1998 Internal Medicine/Pediatrics Residency Tulane

1998-2005 Board Certified Internal  Medicine and Pediatrics and Practiced in Primary Care, adults, and children

2005- Present Board Certified and Practicing  Hospital Medicine, Adults, American Board of Internal Medicine

2017- Present Certified in Rapid Transformational Therapy, Hypnosis

2019- Present Certified Life Coach, from The Life Coach School