For 2021, I created something special for you.

For 2021, I created something special for you.

Was 2020 a rough year? 

Imagine starting 2021 feeling better almost immediately, and then receive monthly customized “brain spa” support and treats.   

Doesn’t that sound awesome?  


Brainspa 2021 –

Start the year off with a clear path to feeling better

If you don’t want years of therapy or medications but you do want to get out of feeling “depleted” this program is for you.

Work with Elaine 1:1 with hypnotherapy, and laser-sharp life coaching.

Feel better quickly, get monthly check-ins, refreshers and regular healing treats in this membership program. 

Why you should sign up:


You have been giving and giving, and this is your chance to release and replenish.

Don’t you want monthly treats and support for a whole year?

This program is effective yet involves a minimal time commitment that is built-in for you on your schedule.

What you will get:

For $1650, you get the full Inner Freedom Therapy package which is 4-6 weeks of rapid change.

  • A head start for the year with the full personalized IFT package
  • Plus a year of support and maintenance which includes monthly 1:1 coaching sessions, monthly new meditations, and random gifts each month for your overworked brain.

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… I have had an embarrassing habit of nail-biting for as long as I can remember. Despite many attempts to overcome this habit, I failed.  I really didn’t know what to expect prior to my visit.  During my session and for many hours afterwards, I felt very relaxed. There was never a point where I felt I was not in control of myself.  I enjoyed the time spent in self-reflection.  After the visit I thought, if nothing else, it was a very welcome change from my daily routine. However, a curious thing happened. …



Dr. Goldhammer is a gift. I intended to use the hypnosis session to quit smoking. The whole experience was so much more than that. I quit smoking, but so much more happened…


 … I truly felt like a weight was lifted off of me. Dr. Goldhammer is kind, incredibly wise, and so easy to talk to.  The session was so much more than I expected, I felt a major shift that continues to have an incredibly positive influence on my life. I could not recommend more!


… Her calm voice during the guided meditation put me at ease, allowing me the freedom to open up and unlock things that were buried, so deep, to effortlessly come to the surface, where I could watch memories play through without any emotional charge or judgement.


… My experience of the pain was significantly changed. … I would say that through some combination of the pain actually being less and me being less triggered emotionally by it, the disruption to my life was reduced by about half, maybe a little more. That is more than I had dared hope for …



I am trying to temper my excitement.  After seeing you, I did sleep through the night for the first time in months. This was the best weekend that I have had in probably 6 months…


 … Elaine provides a very safe and secure environment to help guide you through an incredibly insightful personal experience. This experience has been very beneficial to me and continues to help me overcome some obstacles that have held me back from reaching my full potential. I highly recommend this to anyone looking to gain a deeper understanding of themselves.



… Over the past year, I have had three sessions with Dr. Goldhammer.  It has been life-changing; RTT has had a profound impact on every part of my life.  I started with working to heal severe childhood and young adult traumas, helping to identify those that had hurt me, then giving myself the power to resolve deep-rooted resentment and start the healing process of these emotional scars.  …

Are you ready to feel better and enjoy your life again?

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