1. Life is much better when we have each other
  2. Phones and computers are very useful tools but they don’t replace face to face interactions at some deeper, chemical connection level. Kisses and hugs are much more comforting in times of stress over emojis but unfortunately, emojis are the way to go for now. 
  3. Uncertainty has always existed around us, all the time and everywhere and we never liked it.  A pandemic certainly amplifies life’s uncertainty.  
  4. Privilege, wealth, the color of our skin, our physical outer features do not protect us.  Movie stars, elite athletes, government leaders, are all at risk. We are, in the end, all biological creatures living in a natural world.  It is so interesting that the 70-year-old white politicians are more vulnerable to this virus now than the Haitian babies
  5. It is vital that we have leaders who are trusted,  who know what the #$%^ they are talking about or at least have the curiosity to care enough to learn and partner with experts to make sound decisions
  6. Leaders who can make hard decisions for the benefit of who they serve (rather than for themselves) are true leaders.
  7. It is good to have a strong infrastructure to handle a crisis and to support people who are more vulnerable. 
  8. It is good to have a flexible mindset to adjust to situations as they arise.
  9. It is good to have a core set of values ahead of time so that when we are faced with a challenge, making a decision is much easier.
  10. Life is seasonal and although we are approaching Spring,  it is still winter.  Viruses are often seasonal. Eventually, we will reach the growth, the fresh air, and the sunshine of Spring.  As we face Spring and life in general, there is always that dichotomy of death and rebirth, the bitter and the sweet, the tears and the singing, the desert and the promise ahead.  Thus life cycles and goes on.  It is all both dark and light, challenging and rewarding, heartbreaking and joyous. 
  11. Going back to basics is always the best place to start.  Let us all wash our hands, and wash often, stay hydrated, look out for each other and choose compassion over fear, and use the amazing technological gifts we have to stay connected and finally, really appreciate those hugs and kisses again once we reach a safer season.