The Worrier Brain

Your brain hates uncertainty with a passion. 

You wish you could predict the future and you have a vast imagination for worst-case scenarios. 

You try to plan out everything in advance to ward off disaster, but this becomes exhausting and kills your joy.  

are you stuck?

Learning Freedom from the worry bus. 

First, forgive your brain for doing this. 

It thinks it is doing a great job protecting and keeping you safe, even if some of this safety involves magical thinking. 

Try to allow your brain to think through the worst-case scenario where you end up starving and living under highway 10. 

Then, imagine a window opening up in your imagination that allows a much more benign future story to become possible. 

Once you allow for a benign result, then you can start to imagine more possibilities of a better future rather than assume it is all a disaster.  

How Hypnotherapy/Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) can help:

RTT settles the brain’s overactive warning and protective system. 

Many people who have an anxious brain have unhealed trauma from their past. 

RTT helps your brain re-look at that trauma with a wiser adult’s eyes and heart and helps protect and heal the injured child. 

RTT is typically immediately effective in calming the anxious brain.  

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