The Possum Brain

Your mindset is to seek safety by hiding.

You live in lower vibrations from the dorsal vagal system.

Your primary emotion is overwhelmed, and your thoughts often turn to “This is all too much.”

In reaction to overwhelm, you avoid even looking at your to-do list or scale. Staying in bed seems like a better idea.

are you stuck?

Freedom from the heavy weight of overwhelm starts with stimulating your nervous system. 


Gentle, rapid tapping on the back of your wrist or your forehead may help, rolling your shoulders back or even bobbing your head to fast music or forcing some brief exercise or dance. 

Then, find the most straightforward, most minor, most trivial task you have been putting off and do it. 

Being in action is always the antidote to overwhelm.


How Hypnotherapy/Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) can help:


You may be burned out, and RTT can help by giving your brain rest and rejuvenation. 

If part of the overwhelm is due to unhealed trauma, this will also be transformative there.  

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