The Perfectionist Brain

I feel for you. It is rough having a perfectionist mindset. Nothing feels good enough. You always have this lingering feeling that you could have done better. Sometimes you don’t put yourself out there because it seems too painful or unimaginable.  

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Your freedom lies in reminding yourself that you were always worthy, intelligent, and meant to be here. 

You have all your basic needs met, and everything else you do in life is a project and a choice. 

When you work with a life coach you can learn to reach for challenges for fun, growth, and variety. 

Freedom comes from learning about the messiness of the journey of life is part of the fun. 

You can fail ahead of time by not even trying, or you can fail by at least showing up. 

How Hypnotherapy/Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) can help:

RTT calms the central nervous system by slowing the overactive vibrations and builds up your sense of “self.”

“Self” is the place within that is peaceful and unconditionally loves you. 

Studies show that one’s neural electrical firings do slow when people are on EEG while hypnotized.  

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