The Judgemental Brain

Being judged by others feels terrible, and being judgmental of others feels awful as well. 

Humans are designed to judge others as a safety measure. 

We are programmed to balance what is safe and what poses a danger, but the judgemental brain takes this to extremes that do not serve us.


Your freedom lies in taking the first step of dropping judgment. 

First, notice when the word “should” comes up. 

The term “should” signals that your brain is fighting with reality and causing its suffering.

Next, see if you can reframe sentences in your head that take the “should” out. 

For example, instead of “People shouldn’t talk and chew at the same time.”  replace it with “People talk and chew at the same time.” 

This humanizes them and helps the brain stop fighting with how other people behave.  

How Hypnotherapy/Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) can help:

Often, very judgmental people grew up surrounded by adults who were very critical themselves. 

RTT will help heal that childhood trauma and build up that unconditional love within you for yourself and then for those around you.  

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