Elaine Goldhammer, MD

Certified Life Coach, Health Coach, Rapid Transformational Therapist and Board Certified Physician 

Inner Freedom Therapy

Are you driven, busy, and smart, but you are stuck in a rut with your headaches or IBS?

The combined use of Hypnotherapy and Life Coaching helps re-create your relationship with your body in a positive and freeing way.

Tired of taking medications?

Try a whole new approach that gets to the source of your pain.

Medications are not the answer.  

Toss those side-effects away. 

Inner Freedom Therapy is a proven, fully developed program that retrains your brain to melt away the pain cycle.

After this program you will have:

better sleep, less anxiety, fewer migraines,

and/ or freedom from worry about the bathroom.

It is finally time to fully enter your life again 

Smoking Cessation Program

Quit Smoking Forever

Hypnotherapy for Smokers Who Want to Quit

Shear willpower does not work.

Are you beating yourself up for being “weak”?

Stop it.

Try a much easier path.

Join Elaine’s smoking cessation program and retrain your brain to never desire cigarettes again.

All it takes is 1 hypnotherapy session and 3 coaching sessions and you will have painlessly re-trained your brain.  In just 4 weeks or less, you will never desire cigarettes again.

Elaine is a physician, a experienced hypnotherapist and a certified life coach

She is dedicated to reducing suffering.  She is dedicated to helping her clients get away from medications and into their lives.